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About ISA

International Society of Automation is the leading nonprofit global organization that is setting the standard for automation by helping its over 40,000 worldwide members and other professionals solve difficult technical problems while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities.

Automation professionals are essential to every manufacturing process. All industrial endeavors are the result of a series of complex operations or systems, and the complex systems must be regulated using various measurement and control devices. Technology is changing at a rapid pace – with more information out there than professionals have time to sort through alone. Through input from professionals throughout the world, ISA has the answer to nearly any technical question, saving the time it takes to search in multiple places for information.

By participating in the Society, automation professionals are smarter on industry issues, more valuable to their companies, and more effective at their jobs. Pure and simple, ISA is the one essential unbiased source to the world’s knowledge of automation.

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Why Join The ISA Texas Channel?

Education, Networking, Mentorship



We promote education by hosting annual events, technical talks and events and to raise money for scholarships.



By attending our meetings, Professional Engineers can earn PDH credits to meet their continuing education requirements.



ISA plans events to engage, share best practices, & network while enhancing the professional competence of our Society.

ISA Texas Channel Board Members

All of our officers are volunteers and active members of the International Society of Automation.

James Haw 300px

James Haw

President (3130)
Travis Poe 300px

Travis Poe

Alt. Delegate (0030)
Jeremy Eberle 300px

Jeremy Eberle

Secretary (3250)

Kory Tate

Clay Shoot Chairman

Chad Haynie

Communications Chairman (3420)
Tex Woodall 300px

Tex Woodall

Lee Col, Student Liaison  (2870)
Victor Carbajal 300px

Victor Carbajal

Program Chair (0950)

Josh Martinez

Cornhole Event Chairman
Daniel Dismukes 300px

Daniel Dismuke

Vice-President (3390)
Mary Carmichael 300px

Mary Carmichael

Newsletter Editor (2970)

Riley Zlebis

Golf / Clay Shoot Chairman (2950)
Victor Carbajal 300px

Victor Carbajal

Exposition Chairman (0430)

Brian Cleary

Honors & Awards (0510)
Rhonda Pelton 300px

Rhonda Pelton

San Jacinto  Student Liaison (2870)
Rhonda Pelton 300px

Rhonda Pelton

Assistant Program Chair
Travis Poe 300px

Travis Poe

Membership Chair
Logan Boatright 300px

Logan Boatright

Treasurer (3350)

Brian Cleary

Delegate (1370)
Josh Martinez 300px

Isaac Garay

Social Media Chair
Victor Fraga 300px

Victor Fraga

Assistant Expo Chairman (0430)

Brian Gustin

Robotic Teams Liaison (2950)

Joshua Powers

Past Section President (3090)
James Haw 300px

James Haw

Scholarships  Chairman  (2950)
Kevin Woods 300px

Kevin Woods

Assistant Membership Chair

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